Coming SOON!!!...The Perfect Tutu! July 21 2014

I am excited to soon introduce CHOSEN children's first item: The Perfect Tutu.
This item may be purchased in the multi-color option or a custom tutu like the ones seen below. Look out for this item coming soon and details on how to order a custom option.
#chosen #choosewisely
Check out this cutie in her custom tutu. Mommy asked that her tutu be designed in various pinks to give a ballerina/princess feel.
And here is another cutie in her custom tutu. Mommy sent a pic of the onesie she was to wear on her 1st birthday party and asked that the tutu be designed to match. Not seen in this photo are the polka dot ribbon bows hidden underneath the layers. Cute accent and surprise as this cutie pranced around her party.