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In the past few years, I have started off the year praying about what God wants my focus to be. Last year, the word placed on my heart was: rest. I figured it wasn't that deep. I was a new mom. I work. I was weeding through unresolved hurt. And, I was tired. Like, physically. But out of curiosity, and because I had a new interest in words, I looked it up in my Strong's Concordance. To my surprise, this little word appears in the Bible almost 300 times. And, there are some 40 odd definitions of the word.
So, I spent 2019 learning what it means to rest in Him. I know it sounds crazy, learning and practicing rest. But my friend, what was on the other side of this...
 When you learn to rest in Him, you learn to "cease", or "put away" as some of the definitions explain.
How great God is!
That He would led me at the end of the year to "celebrate", one of the many definitions of this weighty word. And I did just that. I celebrated all that He has done, all that He is, and all that He has called me to do.
In this collection, titled CELEBRATE, you will find fun and bold colors. Designs that play, all on their own. And pieces you'll love!
God gave you the permission. I'm just inviting you to the party! 
S/S 2020
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